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Criteria for Inclusion:  Vendors are included who provide technology, technology-related services, technology-enabled services, or outsourcing to Property & Casualty, Life & Annuity, or Health insurers, reinsurers, agents, or other intermediaries.  Vendors who have similar offerings to self-insured entities are included as well since they are supporting insurance functions.

          Services:  Check indicates what the vendor provides (Other includes consulting and professional services)
          Sectors:  Indicates which part of the insurance industry is covered - Property and Casualty, Life and Annuities, or Health.
          Customers:  Indicates whether the vendor's offering serves carriers or agents.
          Core Systems:  Indicates whether the vendor's offering supports underwriting or claims (the two largest functions of an insurer).  A vendor that serves neither might support, say, the accounting function.

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